Setting Render Order for Traits

Render Order is a crucial aspect of Trait management, as it defines the sequence in which Traits are rendered. The order directly influences the overall image or media asset composition.

How Render Order Works

Render Order is determined by an integer value assigned to each Trait. The lowest value signifies the Trait to be rendered first, with subsequent Traits rendered in ascending order.

For example, if a Trait has a Render Order value of 1, it will appear beneath any Traits with a Render Order value of 2 or higher.

When generating an NFT, considering the Traits' render order is essential, as it affects the NFT's overall composition. This is particularly important for NFTs with numerous Traits or when the Traits' order is crucial for conveying a specific message or meaning.

Render Order in Different Metadata Renderers

It's important to note that Render Order is specific to the Metadata Renderer used to create the NFT. Various renderers may have distinct rules for calculating and applying Render Order.

For instance, our Metadata Renderer utilizes Render Order to establish the layering of Traits in the final image or media asset. As new Traits are added or burned, the Renderer updates the NFT to ensure the accurate media asset is displayed.

Users can also create their own Metadata Renderer to render more complex media assets. In this case, they can establish their own rules for calculating and applying Render Order.

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