Ownership and Transfers of Traits

In the world of NFTs, ownership of underlying assets is crucial. With Traits as the foundational layer of NFTs, the concept of ownership and transfers takes on a new perspective.

Ownership of Traits

It's important to understand that Traits cannot be owned directly. Instead, Traits are associated with a token, and ownership of the token implies ownership of the Traits connected to it. When an NFT is sold, all the Traits linked to it remain connected, and the new owner possesses all the Traits within the NFT.

Transferring Traits

Our TraitManager contract facilitates the transfer of Traits from one token to another. The transfer of Traits can only be initiated by the owner of the token containing the Traits to be transferred. This process is achieved by signing a transaction using the owner's private key.

It's also vital to note that even if a Trait is not visible on an NFT, it remains associated with the token and is owned by the token's owner. Consequently, the owner of the token can decide which Traits are visible on their NFT while maintaining ownership of all Traits connected to their token.

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