Gas Fee Options for Trait Minting

When minting new traits, collection administrators have the option to choose between two options for handling gas fees associated with minting the traits to NFTs.

Option 1: Subsidized Gas Fees

In this option, collection owners cover the gas fees for minting operations. To facilitate this, collection owners will have their own Gas Tanks, which function similarly to a prepaid debit card. Admins can add funds to their Gas Tanks, enabling gasless transactions for users during the minting process. This option can help encourage user participation and reduce barriers to entry.

Option 2: Minters Pay Gas (Beta)

In this option, minters are responsible for paying the gas fees associated with minting the traits to their NFTs. This option is currently in beta testing. By choosing this option, collection administrators can reduce their own costs while ensuring that minters bear the expenses related to adding traits to their NFTs.

By selecting the appropriate option for handling gas fees, collection administrators can balance their financial responsibilities and user experience, depending on their specific goals and community preferences.

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