Verified Traits

In the NFT landscape, authenticity and provenance play a vital role. With a vast number of NFTs minted daily, collectors may struggle to ascertain the authenticity of a specific NFT. This is where Verified Traits come into play.

What are Verified Traits?

Verified Traits are traits minted by a verified wallet address, which could belong to an individual creator or a company like Nike. The primary distinction between a Verified Trait and a regular trait is that a Verified Trait offers a degree of authenticity and trust that regular traits cannot provide.

Wallet Address Verification

When a wallet address is verified, it signifies that the owner's identity has been confirmed through a verification process. This process can vary depending on the platform but generally involves submitting personal information and documentation to prove ownership.

Minting Verified Traits

Once a wallet address has been verified, it can mint Verified Traits. These traits are usually associated with a particular brand or creator and serve to authenticate and add value to their NFTs.

Benefits for Collectors

For collectors, owning an NFT with Verified Traits enhances the prestige and authenticity of their collection. It also offers a way to ensure that the NFT being purchased is genuinely associated with the verified creator or brand.

Identifying Verified Traits

To determine if an NFT contains Verified Traits, look for a verified badge or symbol on the NFT's metadata or the platform where it is being sold. This badge or symbol signifies that the traits within the NFT are authentic and have been minted by a verified wallet address.

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