Artist Royalties

Empowering Creators with Artist Royalties

When a trait is sold, you, the creator, receive a percentage of the sale. This percentage is set by you and can be adjusted at any time. We aim to make NFT creation and ownership more rewarding for everyone involved by providing this feature.

Artist Royalties at the Contract Level

Our protocol ensures artist royalties at the contract level, so no marketplace or secondary sale can bypass this essential feature. When a trait is sold, a royalty fee is automatically deducted from the sale price and distributed directly to the creator's wallet. This guarantees that you receive the royalties you deserve each time your trait is sold.

Fostering a Fair NFT Ecosystem

By enabling artist royalties, we aspire to establish a more equitable NFT ecosystem where creators can be rewarded for their work and contributions to the community. We believe that NFTs should not only be a platform for showcasing art and collectibles but also a means of supporting artists and creators in their pursuit of their craft.

Enabling Artist Royalties for Your Traits

To enable artist royalties for your traits, simply set the percentage you want to receive when creating or editing your trait. This percentage will be automatically deducted from the sale price of your trait and sent to your wallet. You can adjust the percentage at any time to ensure that you receive appropriate compensation for your work.

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