What is Playground?

Web3's Collaboration Layer

Welcome to Playground, a platform designed for trailblazers in interactive media. This documentation offers an overview of Playground and guides you through its basic operations.


Playground is a robust and modular system designed to provide an advanced solution for managing and interacting with NFTs. The architecture consists of several interconnected components:

  1. Metadata Schema: A pioneering metadata schema that transforms data objects into Traits, forming the foundational building blocks of NFTs and allowing for a standardized approach to handling modular data objects.

  2. EVM-based Smart Contract Registry: An Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-based smart contract registry that ensures secure, transparent storage and management of Traits, enabling seamless modification and transfer of Traits between NFTs.

  3. Decentralized Storage Integration: Integration with leading decentralized storage providers like Arweave and IPFS, providing robust and distributed storage solutions for NFTs, ensuring both durability and accessibility.

  4. Dynamic Visual Rendering: A versatile rendering system that generates visuals based on Trait composition, allowing for adaptability and customization with support for user-created renderers tailored to specific styles or use cases.

  5. Intuitive Web Interface: A user-friendly web interface that streamlines the interaction with the Playground platform, simplifying the processes of digital asset creation, management, and Trait operations.

These components work in harmony to create a resilient and adaptable architecture that empowers users to explore and innovate within the realm of NFTs and interactive media.

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